Fahri Diner

May 08, 2017

Comcast — Plume Partnership

We have exciting news.

Comcast, the nation’s largest Internet provider, introduced Xfinity xFi today— a new way to personalize, manage and control our home Wi-Fi experience. Plume is honored and proud to be partnering with an industry leader like Comcast on this initiative.

With twinkles in our eyes, and fires burning in our guts to re-invent home Wi-Fi, we launched the Plume project in 2014 under the code name — “wildfire.exchange”. We were frustrated that home Wi-Fi was terrible. Retail, do-it-yourself solutions were clunky, expensive, ugly, and basically impossible to configure. And what we got from our Internet Service Providers (ISPs) was not any better. The whole thing needed a major makeover.

Others also setout to fix this problem. But the big difference between Plume and practically everyone else is in our unique approach.

First, we decided that fixing home Wi-Fi had more to do with inventing new software, adaptive algorithms, smarts, and control, vs. new hardware that packed the latest generation Wi-Fi chips into a little better looking, but even more expensive Wi-Fi Routers.

Second, we decided that working closely with the ISPs for a seamless, unified solution, rather than having to decouple broadband from our Wi-Fi would ultimately end up in easier to set up, higher performance, and more affordable home Wi-Fi.

Stay tuned for more detail on the unified experience enabled by Plume for Xfinity xFi — how it works and what it does for Comcast subscribers and the Plume community.

For Plume, this is a new beginning for scaling Adaptive WiFi™ to millions — we have more exciting news over the upcoming months in a similar context.

Thanks for your support.



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