Avery Lewis

Feb 27, 2020

Give your home a sixth sense with Plume Motion

Editor's note: This blog post was originally published in January 2020 and has been updated with the latest feature information, including the ability to create rooms and assign devices to them. 

By now, you should know we love to focus more on the *experience* of living in a smart home, rather than the technology you need to keep it running. 

Today we are rolling out Plume Motion™, Wi-Fi powered motion detection that is included with Plume membership. Plume Motion turns Plume’s existing SuperPod hardware and enabled connected devices throughout the home into motion sensors—no need for new hardware and all managed through the Plume app. Plume Motion provides a way for your home to effectively sense its surroundings, using nothing but Wi-Fi. 

For example, Plume Motion can…

… Alert you when people come and go (children coming home from school)
… Detect motion in areas where cameras may not be wanted (bedroom or bathroom)
… Notify you when unexpected movement occurs in the house (potential intruder alert)


The Plume app gives you ultimate control over how Plume Motion works. With a few taps you can customize the settings to see which room motion is occurring in, notice when family members arrive home, ignore the motion of pets, automatically activate and deactivate the system and even remove any devices that you don’t want used as motion sensors. 

Like all of our services, Plume Motion was designed around your privacy. It is completely opt-in and you can choose which devices serve as motion sensors. There is no specific recognition of people, just of devices assigned to profiles in the Plume app. Additionally, only you are able to see the levels of motion and proximity to devices via the app. Our support and other team members are not able to view motion specific to your home.

Joining Plume Adaptive WiFi™, HomePass®, and AI Security™ in our suite of services, Plume Motion uses Wi-Fi radio waves to detect motion in any area of the home. Plume Motion represents yet another frontier of groundbreaking smart home tech without the need for new hardware.

And it’s clear to see where it could go from here:

… Trigger smart devices, such as heating or lights, when you come or go (home automation)
… Alert you when there is a lack of movement (wellness monitoring)
Let you know if someone has fallen and could be hurt (eldercare)

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As a Smart Home Services platform dedicated to the future of how we live our connected lives, we’re going to keep adding new and exciting services to your Plume membership. 

Our US subscribers will see the option for Plume Motion begin to roll out today, and we can’t wait to hear what you think (don’t forget to create people profiles and assign primary devices to get the most out of this new service!). Our sense is you’re going to love it.