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Jun 12, 2018

Meet the SuperPod, Plume membership

 Our second-generation pod, the SuperPod is creating a new category in whole-home Wi-Fi performance.

It’s super fast, it’s super small, it’s super beautiful, it’s super smart - it’s here!

We packed a ridiculous amount of technology and capability into a beautiful, wall pluggable form factor that is about the same size as just the power adapter of other mesh APs that have similar Wi-Fi radio configurations, let alone the AP itself.

Some said this was impossible – we disagreed.

From the beginning, we believed that the home Wi-Fi challenges needed to be addressed across three dimensions simultaneously: space, time, and load.

The space dimension is coverage - Wi-Fi needs to be in every nook and cranny of our homes. Wi-Fi also needs to work consistently and reliably, be always on – this is what we refer to as the time dimension. And it needs to satisfy the unique demands of connected devices inundating the smart home – this is what we mean by the load dimension.

While others mainly address only one of these dimensions, coverage, with set-and-forget mesh hardware, Plume invented Adaptive WiFi™ to deliver exceptional experiences for all devices, all of the time, everywhere. We do this by addressing the three dimensions jointly and comprehensively. We do it dynamically and predictively. All orchestrated from a sophisticated control center in the cloud.

We launched the first-generation Plume Pod™ in 2016 to introduce the Adaptive WiFi™ concept. The SuperPod™ simply supercharges it – with higher speeds and greater network capacity.

The SuperPod™ packs a tri-band Wi-Fi radio configuration with eight radio chains and two auto-configuring Gigabit Ethernet ports. It is fully compatible and can mix & match with the first-generation Pods which have dual Wi-Fi radios with four radio chains.


The broadband pipes are getting fatter, and people want to see more of their Internet speeds around the home. Our digital homes are getting crowded. While the first-generation Plume Pods with Adaptive WiFi™ meet the speed and capacity demands of most consumers today, it was time to take the next step, to stay ahead of the curve.

Here’s the thing though: throwing speed and capacity at the problem is not enough.

Wireless in general, and Wi-Fi in particular, because it operates in the unlicensed spectrum, is an indeterministic medium. Things change. Interference comes and goes. The clients need to roam. They need to be carefully steered to the right pods based on what they are, where they are, and what they are doing. Loads around the house shift, different types of devices have different network resource needs. For example, your 4K TV in the living room is looking for a sustained throughput of 20 to 25 Mbps, while the gaming session in the basement wants low latency. Your group FaceTime video from the home-office is sensitive to packet loss.

All this means that whole-home Wi-Fi is not a thing. It’s not as simple as a 3-pack of access points. It needs constant attention, management, control, optimization, updates and upgrades. It’s a managed service.

Our Internet Service Provider (ISP) customers currently scaling Plume-powered managed Wi-Fi services are having tremendous success with this approach. So, we decided to practice what we preach to others.

Starting today, we are offering Plume Adaptive WiFi™, all of the current and upcoming features of the Plume App, the SuperPod™ & the Pod™, and more, only as a managed service. We’ve maintained that Plume is a relationship – we’re ready to take it to the next level.

In addition to the many exciting benefits below resulting in a worry-free and future-proof access to whole-home Wi-Fi, the annual ($60 per year) or lifetime ($200 one time) Plume membership provides access to the SuperPod™ and Pod™ at highly attractive pricing.

How is this possible?

Volume. The Plume cloud and our novel technologies including pod designs power the massive scale whole-home Wi-Fi offerings of some the world’s largest ISPs such as Comcast, Bell Canada, and others. This is leading to large volumes of Plume pods manufactured, which results in significantly lower supply costs. We are delighted to pass these savings directly over to you.

So, here’s the bottom line. For a typical 3-4 bedroom home in the US, we are offering two options – The “Fast” option is 1 SuperPod + 4 Pods, at $99, suggested for people with up to about 100 Mbps Internet subscription. The “Super Fast” option is 3 SuperPods at $199. Simply put – there is not a better deal today.

To our current Plume customers who purchased the first-generation Pods through yesterday: you will receive a lifetime Plume membership at no additional cost. You get to enjoy all current and future features we offer, forever. You will also have discounted access to the SuperPod which we would recommend as an upgrade to your main, “gateway” Pod. This is totally optional. Thank you for your early support, trust and confidence in Plume.

Adaptive WiFi™, now supercharged!



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