Are IoT devices on the rise?

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Are IoT devices on the rise?

Since the dawn of the internet, smart home users have been promised hyper-personalized experiences where devices dynamically adjust to their every habit and whim. With the rise of AI, is the dream closer to reality? Data sampled from Plume-powered homes suggests so. While devices such as smartphones and laptops still dominate by number, home control and domestic IoT devices are growing from comparatively small bases, with the top 5 device types in each category increasing by 92% and 94% respectively.




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Expansion in Japan!

Exciting times are ahead for Japanese consumers! J:COM is distributing Plume’s Consumer Experience Management Platform to independent cable operators. Roll-outs are already confirmed with 10 Service Providers, including 4 who will deploy in July. Mr. Hiroyuki Nakatani, Executive Managing Director, Chupicom Fureai said ‘ZAQ Mesh Wi-Fi, Powered by Plume, is the perfect solution to complement our premium broadband offering and meet our commitment to attain the highest levels of customer satisfaction.'
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Webinar: Learn from the best

As we adjust to a new normal, where working-from-home remains the default, the demand for flawless, fast, safe, and secure Smart Home Services is increasing. Plume helps every kind of Service Provider to meet subscribers' needs—from telcos to MSOs, independents to tier 1s. In our latest webinar, we invite you to learn from their experiences. Join speakers from Charter CommunicationsVOOAll West and Plume on Thursday, July 16 at 8am PDT/4pm BST/5pm CEST.
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The new bundle

Wi-Fi NOW’s Claus Hetting virtually met with Plume’s Co-founder & CEO Fahri Diner to understand how Service Providers can arm themselves for a future built on delivering highly personalized smart home experiences. Diner covered a wealth of topics including the risks posed by broadband commoditization, how Plume’s services-driven model is helping Service Providers to realize new revenues, and the wide-ranging benefits of an open-source approach. 
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Webinar: meeting today’s smart home challenges

Join Plume’s CTO Bill McFarland on Wednesday, July 1 at 9.25 AM PDT for Wireless Broadband Alliance's Wireless Global Congress Webinar Series 2020. Hosting the 'Key technologies to handle the new IoT smart home challenges' session, McFarland will dive into the common problems and solutions that Service Providers are employing to deliver a new generation of smart home experiences.
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In the press

See why Under30CEO’s Kimberly Zhang lists Plume as its #1 smart technology pick for home workers.
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Plume’s CTO Bill McFarland introduces new ways to deliver Quality of Experience (QoE) in Multichannel News.
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Plume Co-founder and CEO Fahri Diner shares his journey into entrepreneurship in the DealMakers podcast.
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