Bill McFarland

Bill McFarland
Engineering at Plume. Over 15 years of experience with WiFi at HP, Atheros, Qualcomm, and now Plume. Still making it better!

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OpenSync™ to be a key component of TIP Wi-Fi

Many companies are founded with the dream of changing the world. Only a few do, and even fewer do it in a large and permanent way. Today, with the announcement of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP)...

Bill McFarland

Feb 25, 2020

Yesterday’s metrics fall short for today’s smart homes

Quality of Service (QoS) measures have been used for many years to evaluate the performance of connections to devices in the home. However, due to the growing diversity in IoT devices, QoS ends up...

Bill McFarland

Jan 30, 2020

Combatting throughput loss in MDUs

Can a “mesh” consist of just a single access point (AP)?  Yes!  Consider a multi-dwelling unit (MDU) with a single Wi-Fi access point in each apartment. While these APs don’t explicitly connect to...

Bill McFarland

Jul 31, 2019

Is your mesh meshing with you?

“Mesh” Wi-Fi systems have been the big excitement in Wi-Fi over the last few years.  In mesh, several Wi-Fi access points (APs) connect to each other to provide complete coverage of a consumer’s...

Bill McFarland

Jun 28, 2019

If broadband is so reliable, why does my Internet suck?

As much as Plume loves WiFi, we have to admit WiFi is the cause of most bad Internet experiences in homes. It turns out that over the years internet service providers have gotten their acts...

Bill McFarland

Dec 05, 2016