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Open a whole new revenue stream with WorkPass—an intelligent WiFi network tailored to the needs of business owners.

WiFi innovation that small businesses have waited for

WorkPass delivers powerful connectivity without the cost or complexity of enterprise networks that dominate the market today. This self-optimizing system enhances existing broadband service with unique features.

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No IT team? No problem. With just a smartphone, small business subscribers are empowered with unparalleled connectivity, security, and productivity tools. No complex setup!

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Services included with our WorkPass membership:


Our adaptive WiFi uses AI to steer bandwidth where it’s needed for fast, ultra-reliable connections for business-critical applications. Also includes automatic LTE backup, enhanced visibility, and more.

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How WorkPass builds your business

Plume Energy

What small business owners are saying about WorkPass

Their hardware or ours?

Speed-to-market is critical for your business. For maximum flexibility, the Plume platform can instantly be deployed on our amazing SuperPods, or a variety of extenders and gateways from leading manufacturers, via OpenSync, an open-source framework.

How can a cloud-based platform reduce churn and cut costs?

Complete data visibility


Increase operational efficiency with end-to-end visibility of the entire network, real-time issue identification, and automated workflows to proactively resolve problems.

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Accelerate your growth with our data-driven market insights and campaign automation software.

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