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WorkPass is so much more than WiFi. With Keycard productivity tools, business owners get new ways to keep their employees engaged and on task.

Tools to keep employees productive and engaged

Features at a glance

Makes it a snap for employees to connect their devices.

Owners can set up custom clearance levels.

Uses the cloud to block not-safe-for-work sites.

Offers data for timecards and scheduling, app and data usage, and more.

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Efficiency is everything

Because WorkPass is just for small businesses, we can offer services that no one-size-fits-all network can. Keycard is brilliant at keeping employees engaged, but productivity is just as crucial for your business as theirs. That’s why Plume helps our Provider partners cut call-in rates by up to 51%!

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Our adaptive WiFi uses AI to steer bandwidth where it’s needed for fast, ultra-reliable connections for business-critical applications. Also includes automatic LTE backup, enhanced visibility, and more.

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Our mobile app gives small businesses next-level control