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WorkPass app

With self-install and easy onboarding, our brilliant mobile app puts small businesses in the driver's seat of their network.

Let small businesses show their WiFi who's boss

Features at a glance

Business owners can manage guest access, security settings, and more—without needing to be on-site.

Eliminate the need for costly technician setups.

Support for multiple admins makes it easy for managers to empower team members.

Lets small businesses see a complete picture of their network and who is connected.

Add your branding to the app for greater brand awareness.

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More control. More efficiency.

Without dedicated IT support, small businesses too often pass their WiFi woes off to Providers’ service teams. With easy-to-use design and tools, the WorkPass app changes that. Users can control their entire network and troubleshoot issues from their smartphones. Learn more about the tools we offer to keep Providers in control.

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How can Plume help you decrease truck rolls by 67%?

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truck rolls

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service installation costs

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call-in rates

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Services included with our WorkPass membership


Our adaptive WiFi uses AI to steer bandwidth where it’s needed for fast, ultra-reliable connections for business-critical applications. Also includes automatic LTE backup, enhanced visibility, and more.

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