Avery Lewis

Jan 06, 2020

Detecting Motion Through Wi-Fi: Expanding Smart Home 2.0 Services, Instantly

Internet Service Providers are constantly looking for ways to compete with over-the-top offerings from leading content and tech companies who are encroaching on their subscribers’ mindshare. This is why Plume built a complete customer experience management platform for the smart home, enabling ISPs to launch new services quickly and easily and to better ensure customer satisfaction and retention. Today, we’ve launched the newest service in our Smart Home Services portfolio: Wi-Fi-enabled motion detection.

Your customers can instantly access an entirely new service that will alert them to the presence of family and physical motion in their homes with no new hardware required; yet another promise-turned-reality of Smart Home 2.0 via the Plume platform. This service puts Wi-Fi to work for your customers, analyzing movement patterns in their homes to keep them up to date with activity when they are at home or away.

This new service brings a new level of whole-home awareness to users while seeding the ground for the future of home automation.

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As with all Plume Smart Home 2.0 services, this motion detection capability is ready for immediate deployment in your network thanks to OpenSync. By forming a web of OpenSync-compatible nodes and any Wi-Fi enabled device in the home, existing hardware is put to work as motion detectors—sensing disruption in Wi-Fi waves to accurately identify both levels of motion and where within the home it is occurring. This requires no new hardware and can be enabled through a software update. By partnering with Cognitive Systems, a leader in Wi-Fi motion-sensing technology, we’re able to open this up to our own Plume members and to allow ISPs to offer it to their tens of millions of current subscribers.

In addition to this new service, other existing Plume technology partners like NortonLifeLock and Linksys/Belkin show the true potential of our software-driven platform approach to Smart Home 2.0. In October of 2018, we open-sourced our CPE middle layer, OpenSync, with the intention to create a rich development environment for the smart home that drives even more value for our users through third-party applications. In just 12 months, globally renowned ISPs and device makers like Charter and Virgin Media have joined the party along with Samsung, Comcast, Liberty Global, Bell, J:COM, and NCTC affiliates in deploying OpenSync products.

By working with specialized technology providers, we’ve been able to quickly expand the best-in-class services offered to our ISP partners and their end customers on the platform.

This is just the beginning. An additional benefit of launching services like motion detection through the OpenSync platform is that developers can continue to evolve and expand their capabilities based on data around consumer behavior and preferences. This latest service, for example, will be able to support different scenarios designed to facilitate home automation and health awareness. At launch, we will be able to alert you when family members arrive or leave the house, auto-enable alerts when you are away, detect pets so they don’t create false alarms, and let you know about expected or unexpected motion at home. Soon, the service will include additional motion detection applications, such as wellness recommendations and smart home automation.


We see a future in which application providers build services on the Plume platform to deliver amazing experiences to consumers at the speed of innovation. ISPs will be able to deploy these services at the push of a button because the network is completely harmonized down to the hardware—and even device–level. Plume’s entire portfolio of applications and services are built to make this possible. And Wi-Fi-enabled motion detection is the next exciting chapter in that story.

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