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Plume debuts AI-based IoT security service & launches direct-to-consumer in the UK

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Adaptive Wi-Fi with extras launched in the UK

Plume Adaptive WiFi launches in the UK

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Plume goes direct-to-consumer in UK

Plume hits the UK market

Plume mesh network system now available to all UK customers, new PowerPod included

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Plume’s SuperPod adaptive Wi-Fi system isn’t meshing around

Plume’s SuperPod adaptive Wi-Fi system isn’t meshing around

TalkTalk deploys home WiFi bundle with Plume

TalkTalk brings Plume mesh Wi-Fi SuperPods to the UK at last

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Melita Limited is to provide gigabit broadband in Italy from April 2019

Maltese cable operator Melita is to provide broadband services in Italy

Melita Limited, will begin providing gigabit broadband in Italy from April 2019

Tele2 Netherlands launches Wi-Fi system Plume

C3 Pure Fibre launches Plume in Cayman

Melita announces expansion into Italy

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Melita partners with Plume to launch Stellar WiFi in Malta

Maltese operator Melita launched Stellar WiFi, a service which includes Plume SuperPods

Maltese cable operator Melita has teamed up with technology outfit Plume to launch Stellar WiFi

Right from the minute CES kicked off 2018, the year has been one nonstop gadget release after another.

These SuperPods are extremely stylish mesh routers that plug directly into outlets and have two ethernet ports

Plume has some big names on board for its OpenSync initiative, including Comcast, Liberty Global and Samsung Electronics

With Plume, customers get an end-to-end system that continually brings out the best in all of their digital experiences at home.

Plume, Samsung Debut ‘OpenSync’ Open Source Initiative

Plume and Samsung open-source Wi-Fi tech for smart homes

Plume CEO talks OpenSync

Liberty Global and Comcast back OpenSync initiative

Comcast, Liberty Global Among Backers for Plume’s New Open Source Initiative

Open source initiative to improve residential Wi-Fi

Samsung and Plume open source a cloud-managed Wi-Fi framework

New Initiative Looks to Open the Mesh & Help ISPs Fight Back

Quantenna and Plume Deliver 802.11ax Mesh Networking Solution

Samsung’s New Mesh Routers Can Optimize Your Home’s Wi-Fi

Samsung SmartThings Wifi pairs mesh router with IoT hub

Samsung is mostly providing the hardware inside, while Plume provides its “adaptive WiFi” management system. Adaptive WiFi manages the network and optimizes the connection for each device.

Samsung turns to Plume for new mesh Wi-Fi product line

Samsung Introduces ‘SmartThings Wi-Fi’ Combination Mesh Router and Smart Home Hub

Samsung’s Latest SmartThings Wi-Fi Router Uses Plume Mesh Technology

Samsung Connect Home gets new life as SmartThings Wifi

Samsung says its new AI-based Wi-Fi system is smarter and promises better connectivity

Samsung’s new mesh routers use Plume’s WiFi optimization tech

Samsung Partners with Plume for SmartThings Wifi Mesh Network

Samsung has a new SmartThings hub and router with Plume’s mesh Wi-Fi tech

Samsung’s new SmartThings Wifi mesh system is powered by Plume’s AI network optimization tech

Plume Made Good WiFi Cheap

Plume’s SuperPods make a good case for turning WiFi into a subscription.

Plume Unpacks ‘SuperPods,’ Launches Subscription-Based WiFi Model

The service also includes outstanding support, an app with device-specific controls and limits built-in, and the promise of more upgrades in the future.

The set up process of this was amazing. I’ve never been more impressed with the initial set up of a mesh system as I was with these SuperPods.

Plume’s new membership approach, along with the powerful new SuperPods, are terrific examples of what the future of the home network landscape looks like.

Plume launches SuperPod, its second-generation mesh WiFi puck

When the whole network was active, Plume’s Superpods did a better job, period.

Wifi mesh technology could kick-start the smart home

Comcast Announces Nationwide Launch of xFi Pods: A New, Whole-Home Mesh Wi-Fi System

Comcast’s Wi-Fi ‘Pods’ extend your coverage with the tap of an app

Comcast’s Xfi Pods turn power sockets into a mesh Wi-Fi network

Comcast is now selling mesh WiFi ‘pods’ to its internet customers

Comcast Now Offering Mesh Network Pods from Plume for $120+

Bell Whole Home Wi-Fi is Latest Carrier Managed Wi-Fi Service, Begins at $5 per Month

Bell Canada Picks Plume for Whole-Home WiFi Service