Feb 11, 2020

Liberty Global expands its relationship with Plume

Liberty Global will roll out Smart Home Services from Plume across its footprint this year. A first selection of these services were made available to Virgin Media customers last year and as a result of a new deal, all Liberty Global customers will be able to benefit from intelligent WiFi in all gateways to set controls around online access for guests and children, pause internet use on specific devices and monitor broadband performance remotely. The new features will be integrated into the Connect App, available free of charge to all customers across the UK, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland and Poland.

The innovative new features build on Liberty Global’s speed leadership as it continues to roll out gigabit speed services across its footprint. In the UK, this includes Virgin Media’s commitment to rolling out gigabit services to its entire network of 15 million homes before the end of next year.

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