Jun 27, 2019

The Plume advantage: putting the Adapt in adaptive WiFi

Abstract: Wi-Fi is the predominate way we connect to the Internet and access our mobile digital lives. Customer experience is directly proportional to the speed and reliability of the Wi-Fi connection, and the mobility of devices we use to consume content requires Wi-Fi to reach every corner of the home. Traditional centralized Wi-Fi routers fail to provide adequate coverage for the whole home, and accompanying Wi-Fi repeaters or extenders fail to reliably extend the Wi-Fi connection. In order to completely solve the Wi-Fi problem, a new architecture is required. This architecture requires a deeply distributed Wi-Fi access network with a centralized, intelligent controller to manage the delivery of Wi-Fi speed, reliability and coverage. Each network must be customized for each customer’s home size, environment and usage based on current client device usage and historical insights of customer patterns. The benefits of such an architecture, called Plume Adaptive WiFi, is compared against traditional Wi-Fi systems and also against newer mesh-based Wi-Fi systems.