Fahri Diner

Mar 26, 2019

Your data. Your privacy. Your choice.

From the beginning, your privacy has been a founding principle of everything we do at Plume. 

These three principles guide the services we build and the way we work...

1. Your personal data stays personal.

Our technology analyzes data with the sole purpose of improving your experience and protecting you while you are online at home.

2. Monetizing your individual personal data is not a part of our business model.

We don’t believe what you do on your Plume network should be used to sell you things from others.

3. You have control over your data. Because it’s yours.

Starting on 15 April, our new Privacy Mode feature will allow you to limit Plume’s access to your information. Additionally, you can request your data logs if you wish, or have them removed from Plume completely. Just let us know and it will be done.

For more on Plume’s full Privacy Policy, click here

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