For Communication Service Providers (CSP)


Leverage customer intelligence and marketing services to drive tangible growth

CSPs may have plenty of data, but they lack insight into who their customers are and how to cater to them. Harvest combines WiFi network insights and marketing services that give CSPs customer intelligence they can leverage in support of their business without draining their resources.

Gain deeper insights into your customer base

Harvest offers a suite of services to pinpoint and engage the right customer at the right time—two steps that can be essential in growing your business.

Level up your customer insights with Harvest

A suite of services to unlock insightful data


Produces customized engagement for cohort-based sales and personalized marketing campaigns based on subscriber profiles that detail device usage, and tenure for robust user insights.



Upsell, cross-sell, and engagement strategies help you intelligently interact with your customers through Nurture. Multichannel messaging and user engagement templates are designed to reach your audience in the right place at the right time with proficient, engaging marketing materials.



Our services allow you to assess the performance of your activated segments, analyze campaign trends, and these insightful visualizations equip you to effectively evaluate the efficacy and performance of your campaigns.


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Smart solutions for your home and small business subscribers


A complete suite of Smart Home Services to delight residential customers.

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Help small businesses flourish with intelligent WiFi tailored to their needs.

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