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Haystack is our CSP software solution for superior subscriber experience management. It provides end-to-end visibility of your entire subscriber network, identifies issues in real-time, supplies tools to troubleshoot problems, and offers automated workflows to resolve subscriber issues proactively.

Full network visibility, informed support, and empowered CSPs

Haystack offers a more efficient way to manage smart home devices while increasing subscriber satisfaction.

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The Haystack suite puts your team in control


Browser-based data dashboards provide visibility into WiFi health for each subscriber location and proactively alert support teams to issues.

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A robust support application with real-time diagnostics at the node level and sophisticated network performance tools capable of making automatic, performance-maximizing adjustments.

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A series of comprehensive dashboards delivers network-level insights, KPI tracking, and device and security analytics throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

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What can Haystack do for your bottom line?



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All statistics are taken from the Plume Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Study (2020) and represent the greatest percentages measured for each category. Long-term phone call and cost records for over 2 million customers were analyzed to measure the operational benefits of the Plume CEM platform deployment. This TCO study considers a blended deployment model of Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 CSPs on a per-customer basis, including multiple service types and home types.

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A complete suite of Smart Home Services to delight residential customers.

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