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See network issues clearly. Solve them remotely.

Frontline’s intuitive user interface helps your support team troubleshoot customer issues remotely. By analyzing device Quality of Experience (QoE) and visualizing network health, internal teams can monitor, predict, diagnose, and resolve issues without a service call.

Increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn with the right support

Features at a glance

A comprehensive set of tools and dashboards designed for network operators and tech personnel.

Instant customer-network health check with remediation steps meant for quick, first-time call resolution.

Details the QoE of devices in the home for unique insights into subscriber pain points.

The Time Machine scrubber allows you to re-enact events and service interruptions to better understand them.

Full customer lifecycle management, including installation, feature enablement, and customer controls.

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The Haystack suite puts your team in control


Browser-based data dashboards provide visibility into WiFi health for each subscriber location and proactively alert support teams to issues.

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A robust support application with real-time diagnostics at the node level and sophisticated network performance tools capable of making automatic, performance-maximizing adjustments.

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A series of comprehensive dashboards delivers network-level insights, KPI tracking, and device and security analytics throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

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