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Trusted by over 350 CSPs and 55 million homes globally, HomePass is a suite of Smart Home Services that transforms WiFi for subscribers.

HomePass is a new way of thinking about WiFi

Utilizing the cloud and AI, HomePass continuously enhances subscribers’ existing broadband with wall-to-wall connectivity and dynamic services.

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Mission control for all HomePass features. Our sleek, easy-to-use mobile app empowers users. More control for them means less support costs for you.

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Services included with our HomePass membership:


First-of-its-kind adaptive WiFi system. HomePass uses AI to automatically steer signals for faster, more reliable connections in every room—no matter the type of home.

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How HomePass benefits your business

Plume Energy

Their hardware or ours?

Speed-to-market is critical for your business. For maximum flexibility, the Plume platform can instantly be deployed on our SuperPods, or a variety of extenders and gateways from leading manufacturers, via OpenSync, an open-source framework.

How do you measure the quality of a subscriber’s experience?

Complete data visibility


Our subscriber solutions seamlessly connect with our data and operations tools for exceptional efficiency.

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Accelerate your growth with our data-driven market insights and campaign automation software.

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The smart home revolution is accelerating

Communications Service Providers can’t wait to evolve their approach. Discover how to exceed subscribers’ expectations with our exclusive strategy guide.