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Standard mesh systems are static. But today’s smart homes are always changing. Adaptive WiFi, only from Plume, is a giant leap forward. Connections are continuously optimized to deliver fast, flawless performance even in complex environments.

The first AI-powered WiFi system

Features at a glance

Optimizes backhaul network for greater speed and coverage than mesh networks.

Algorithms find optimal pathways for seamless connections throughout the home.

Measures and coordinates channel/bandwidth selection inside single homes or across apartment clusters.

Gives customers access to detailed performance data while CSPs can visualize individual home networks via our operations center.

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Key benefits

Plume Energy

Your investment is also self-optimizing

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truck rolls

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service installation costs

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call-in rates

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self-installation success rate

Thanks to Plume services like Adapt, our Communications Service Provider partners are seeing dramatic improvements in operational costs—like up to a 67% decrease in truck rolls.

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First-of-its-kind adaptive WiFi system. HomePass uses AI to automatically steer signals for faster, more reliable connections in every room—no matter the type of home.

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